Communication with Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility

Effective communications are key to workplace productivity and cohesion.  In too many instances employees lack the tools to communicate well with others, to navigate conflict or to address challenging situations with tact and credibility.  In this course, we will outline communication strategies and tools to improve employee communications with colleagues, superiors and subordinates alike.


  • Apply diplomacy and tact to be a credible and effective communicator
  • Manage the impact your communications have on your image
  • Define and leverage your communication style
  • Develop and demonstrate better listening skills Understand the importance of perceptions
  • Explore communication style differences and learn to flex your own style
  • Recognize the impact of stress on communications and be able to adjust for it
  • Know what makes effective, powerful communication and develop the skills to model it
  • Effective and Appropriate Written Business Communication