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Sustained success is impossible without change and evolution.  Organizational change is a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted process that requires initiative, direction, cultivation and stewardship.  At Bryant Consulting Group ("BCG")  we are experts at change management and facilitation; helping to support your organization of today as it evolves to its next level tomorrow.

Founded in 2001, BCG is a full service change management services provider that specializes in designing, developing, and executing customized change management and training programs created to address your organization's business objectives. Our comprehensive system of needs analysis, change management program design, results-oriented project management, curriculum design and development, and continuous evaluation will deliver the results your organization needs to excel.  Change begins now.

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 A large federal government agency was interested in implementing an employee development and training program.  For over ten years, BCG partnered with the agency to identify program topics, to develop customized offerings to ensure knowledge transfer, and to deliver those trainings via various delivery methods to drive both acquisition and retention of the content.  This holistic effort included the development of content, the scheduling and maintenance of training calendars, and the direct delivery of seminars, trainings, workshops and shadowing exercises.

A Fortune 100 company facing market challenged and a resulting need to engage in significant layoffs engaged BCG for change management services.  BCG met with executive leadership and the reorganization team to identify key objectives, to develop and oversee a program schedule, and to manage significant impacts.    BCG delivered all associated services including customized training for leaders on effective communication about the direction of the Company, calm fears associated with the change, and to manage time, processes and staff in light of the smaller resulting workforce.

A Fortune 300 multimedia cable communications company provider consistently rolls out new product and service offerings each year. For the past decade it has entrusted BCG with working with its developers, product managers and marketing team to master and assess these new offerings, to develop a training curriculum for external and internal constituents alike, and to deliver a rich and multifaceted training program.  These training offerings included both sales and customer support functions.

Areas of Focus

Needs Analysis
Instead of "one size fits all" methodologies, we believe that effective training begins with a training needs analysis to determine the optimal blend of training methods. Our training and evaluation solutions often can reduce training development time and costs through optimally designed training solutions.
Excellence in Training
BCG's excellence stems not only from our expertise in particular subject matter, but also from focus on the art of training. Our emphasis on the specific needs of adult learners, and the practices + methodologies required for efficient and exceptional programs distinguishes us from other training providers.
Results-Focused Project Management
Once your course is developed, BCG offers one-stop-shop training management services. We can assess your organization's training needs, develop and present custom training to meet those. BCG offers complete training logistics support services including student registration and record-keeping support.
Customized Training Course Material Development
Our training materials are rooted in the industry-standard Instructional Systems Design (ISD) model, augmented with a strong upfront emphasis on project initiation and planning. We will assist you in deciding which training medium is appropriate for your staff and your organization.
Instructor-Led Training Facilitation
BCG is best known for its instructors' expertise in the art of adult learning. Our refined processes and procedures take into account learner makeup, schedule, location, and personnel to enable end users to effectively use and maintain the training solution. BCG delivers onsite instructor training at your facility or our training center.
Continuous Program Evaluation
After the training solution is implemented, we utilize feedback mechanisms to provide recommendations for training curriculum improvements. This allows us to maintain your data and support your ongoing training requirements.

All of our courses are expertly designed to ensure an interactive and impactful experience.

eLearning Training Services
California 1825 Compliant Anti-Harassment

Respect & Inclusion: Uncovering Implicit Bias

by Tami Martin | April 12, 2016 | Course
We all harbor biases and their impact on our behavior and decision making can be significant.  This cultural diversity training course teaches employees what implicit bias is, guides them...
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Communication with Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility

by Tami Martin | April 12, 2016 | Course
Effective communications are key to workplace productivity and cohesion.  In too many instances employees lack the tools to communicate well with others, to navigate conflict or to address challenging...
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On-Site Training Seminars
Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Competency

Respect & Inclusion: Team Building Across Cultures

by Tami Martin | April 12, 2016 | Course
Team Building Across Cultures teaches employees and supervisors how to tap into a diverse team’s resources. Teams also learn strategies and tactics for working together successfully. Diversity training for...
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Getting from Diversity to Inclusivity

by Tami Martin | April 12, 2016 | Course
Oftentimes organizations will hire a diverse staff but fail to take the measures necessary to ensure that all members of their staff feel included and on the same team. ...
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BCG has provided training in 41 states and 7 countries worldwide. Our client roster includes privately held entities and Fortune 100 companies spanning multiple industries, and further includes both state and federal government agencies of all sizes.

Bryant Consulting Group has years of experience training government and private sector customers. We recognize and appreciate the unique characteristics of each type of entity, as well as the differences within them.


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